Across the Globe Trading Corp is a general order supplier company with special focus on construction material, electronic equipment and clothing items. We have established strong business relationships with famous brands across the continent and with the dedication of our staff and support of our friends in business market; we are pleased to announce that we offer import and export services in the following domains.


Electronics Items are need of every individuals as well as professional organizations. However, these items are often unreliable, expensive and have little durability. In order to address the aforementioned problems, Across the Globe trading is takes great pleasure to not only import such products for our customers but also provide export services to the local vendors. Export services will help local vendors to reach the international business market where they can showcase their products. Electronics products that we import are mostly related to home theatre. Following is the list of items that we trade. All of our products come with warranty period. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable and robust home theatre products at a price you can afford, you should definitely consider us.

Contstruction Materials

Construction material is an integral part of any civil engineering project. The fact of the matter is that different structures require different varieties of construction materials that might not be available in certain locations. We solve this problem by importing high quality and tested construction material from across the global. Construction material we import include. Conversely, if you are vendor of one of the above mentioned items, we provide export and market services for your product in almost all parts of the world at a price, you certainly can afford.


Canada is a multi-cultural society which creates room for trading cross-cultural outfits and groceries. We at Across the Globe Trading, seek to offer our customers an innovative clothing experience which distinguishes you from the crowd. We offer all varieties of local and exotic wears. Clothing items that we import and export include. With the aforementioned services offered by us, you no longer need to import exotic dresses and pay heavy custom duties, we do it for you so that clothing becomes more convenient, varied and affordable at the same time.