Across the Globe Trading, has been established by an enthusiastic entrepreneur Ibraheem Halbouni in 2014. He has an honors degree in Business and Computer Science majors and has years of experience in the import and export industry. He established the company with intent of providing high quality and low price imported products to the customer and also provides them with secure and efficient product export services. The company has established business relationships across the globe and can guarantee import as well as export of highest quality products inside and outside Canada. Our main focus is to foster friendly business relationships with trading firms and individual customers across the globe.

Mainly, our business spans in two domains. We import products from different regions of the world and sell them in the local market. We import products based on customer requirement as well as for general sale purposes. We mainly focus on importing home theater electronic equipment, construction material and clothing items. If you are a customer and want imported home theater system and related electronic devices you can count on us. Similarly, if you are in construction business in Canada and your construction projects require imported construction material and machinery you can contact us and we will import that for you.

 Apart from importing products from foreign countries, we also export locally developed products in the same domain i.e Construction, Electronics and Clothing. We endeavor to provide reliable and cost-effective Canadian products to our business friend’s and individuals in different countries. If you are an individual or a company who wants to buy a Canadian Electronic product, construction material or exotic Canadian clothing you can contact us and we will deliver that to you. For further information about the company and services we provide, you can contact us. We are open to all sorts of queries.